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Most of us have fond memories of evenings spent near the cosy comfort of a wood fire. These days few of us have time to prepare and stack firewood. For this reason, Stafford Fuels Ltd are delighted to introduce our new range of wood fuels, Ecoflame, so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a wood fire again at your own convenience.

Our Ecoflame range of Wood Briquettes, Wood Pellets and Ecoblocks are Co2 Neutral which means they reduce green house gases making them 100% environmentally friendly. They are designed to bring the traditional atmosphere back into your home without effecting the environment.

Wood Briquettes are ideal for your open fire place or enclosed wood stove, they are low in ash and clean to handle. Read Details»

Wood Pellets are ideal for pellet burners, they are a cost effective and easy to handle and take up less room than other wood fuels. Read Details»

Ecoblocks can be used both indoor and outdoor; they can make your garden party come alive or placed in your fireplace can set the mood for a cosy night in. Read Details»